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    The example below shows how to integrate DALI into Taphome and create 4 fully controlled DALI dimmer outputs.

    1. STEP: Connect RESI DALI GATEWAY to any free Taphome BUS terminal

    1. STEP: Download MODBUS-DALI utility from Resi, scan network, assign channels to your lights


    For proper integration is necessary to use RESI DALI Gateway with following settings (Switch 1 = OFF, Switch 2 = OFF, Switch 3 = ON, Switch 4 = ON)

    1. STEP: Configuration within TAPHOME

    • Add new hardware interface

    • Set general settings for the RESI DALI Gateway

    • Add DALI device from the template

    The result - 4 DALI dimmer outputs fully controlled by Taphome

    If you need to control more DALI lamps, just use the RESI DALI template once again. Please keep in mind that Dimmer start address must be set properly to get right short addresses for the newly imported lamps.

    You can check or edit the short addresses of every single lamp via RESI DALI Modbus Configurator and USB serial converter. Then you can check or correct the short addresses in Taphome application: