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    In order to quickly setup a Modbus-compatible device, you don't need to know Modbus parameters and TapHome expressions.

    Step-by-step guide

    Open Menu → Settings → Hardware → Modbus RTU

    1. In Terminals menu, set proper BUS connector, where your device is connected. If there is no BUS available, you have to deselect it from Settings → Hardware → TapHome Bus.
    2. Set proper Baudrate, Parity, Data Bits, Stop Bits and Poll Interval. In some cases, the template will set those attributes for you. Keep in mind that you can use more than one modbus device on the same BUS but they have to use the same general modbus settings (Baudrate, Parity, Data Bits, Stop Bits) and specific Slave ID for each connected device.
    3. Click Add From Template and select your compatible device
    4. When you set proper Modbus Slave ID and return back from this dialog, pre-configured devices will be created

    Since both TapHome Bus and Modbus RTU are based on RS485 standard, they are not compatible. It is not possible to combine TapHome Bus device and Modbus RTU device on a single BUS.

    Templates for Modbus RTU devices can be found at "Compatibility list"

    Carlo GavazziJablotronViessmann