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  • 2023


    Added support for Multi-zone Controller



    Dark Mode

    Available for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS)

    2 dark themes added to the light theme: Dark gray, and Black (for OLED use in KIOSK mode)


    Drag and drop for Windows application


    Tunable white / RGBWW


    Possibility to define 1, 2, 3 or 4 channels (Dimming, Tunable White, RGB, RGBW) on the module.

    Mixing profile for Tunable White lights

    • Balanced [default] - at medium temperature, channel 1 goes to 50% power and channel 2 goes to 50% power, or
    • Max - maximum output for both channels

    Mixing profile for RGB lights

    This setting only makes sense if the individual components have different lumens settings.

    • Min - prioritizes color accuracy. Channels with higher light output may not be used 100%
    • Max [default] - prioritizes maximum output, at the expense of color accuracy

    Jablotron alarm via RS485

    Rework of communication via JA-121T, on the TapHome side inconsistent communication from the Jablotron alarm side is taken into account, in which untreated packet collisions occur.

    In addition to linking the PG outputs, which are the only ones that provide a relatively fast response, support for communication with:

    • Peripherals (all sensors connected to the Jablotron alarm) - note that Jablotron sends this information with a delay of several seconds
    • Sections - the ability to remotely see via TapHome system what state each section is in (armed, disarmed, alarm, service), and the ability to switch between them

    Increased response speed via TapHome BUS

    Communication with devices connected on different BUS ports is handled in parallel, reducing response delay to a minimum when configured correctly.

    Support for Bus Extender

    For larger installations, it is possible to extend the 3 BUS ports on the controller via a USB connection to Bus Extender (there can be several connected in series), which adds 2 regular and 2 galvanically isolated BUS ports.


    Increased response speed via Packet parser

    Using multiple threads in the control unit for parallel communication with multiple Wifi / LAN devices at the same time.

    Improvements and bugfixes

    • iOS fixed backlight management in Kiosk / Guided Access mode
    • Fixed SIP ring notifications on Android devices
    • Core and Firmware updates are now delivered via Cloud, which enables better control over update process and faster updates