• Expressions / Script language
  • Users and Permissions
  • Backup, restore, reset to factory settings
  • Software release notes
  • Input / Output configuration


    In order to configure outputs, go to Menu → Devices and select one of hardware modules with outputs. Set output configuration to Digital output when this output is supposed to control On/Off valves, lights or any other switched devices. Scroll up for configuration of Blinds. Set blind to Shutters, awning → save it. Then open this blind and in Service settings choose Mix valve in Device type.


    In order to configure inputs, go to Menu → Devices and select one hardware modules with inputs. Choose between Push button input (switches, blind controllers), Reed contact (motion sensors, window contacts), Impulse counter (electric meters, water meters), Temperature sensor and Analog input.

    Once inputs are configured, you can identify them by going to Menu → Devices and tap three dots icon in top right corner. You can find there icon of clock, it is a feature called Monitor. When you press a light switch with a connected input, it will show up in the list on the screen. You can rename the input so that you can find it easily later.

    Outputs and inputs which are Disabled don’t show up in Devices list in Menu.