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    In case the main circuit breaker does not provide enough capacity to run all electrical appliances in parallel, it is possible to set priorities for outputs and the output module will make sure the total load is not exceeded. This enables to use a lower capacity main circuit breaker and save on fees to the electricity provider.

    This feature is aimed at electrical devices with constant load like for example electric heating, compressors etc. It is not suitable for devices with variable load.

    Since the outputs for this scenario have constant load, there is no electricity measurement involved.

    Go to MenuDevices12DO Module and set the outputs to PWM on digital output

    Click Add new group

    Set Total resources - maximum Watts for the main circuit breaker

    Add new output and set its consumption in Watts

    Sort the outputs by priorities. The highest priority output shall be on top.

    The output module will only switch on combinations of outputs where the sum of their loads does not exceed Total resources.

    In the thermostat, use Hysteresis Smart Rule and assign the PWM output.

    In case you need to cycle through the outputs, have a look here