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  • Rain Metering for Irrigation management

    In this simple guide you can find how to setup a Rain meter device to measure rainfall during the last 48 hours.


    • Fix the box horizontally (use water-level) and make sure there is an empty space underneath.
    • Connect red wire to +24V and green one to any UI input (24UI, Core UI, 2UI, 6UI/6OC etc).


    • Go to TapHome application and enable related input as Impulse Counter. This creates Impulse counter device within the TapHome.
    • Go to Impulse counter detail overview, press Statistics and Add new statistics - Sum/Integral - Period to now and set 2 days period.

    • Go to Settings -> Variables -> Add new variable -> General variable and use proper label e.g. "Rainfall in 48hours (mm)".
    • Go to "Rainfall in 48hours (mm)" variable and Add new smart rule -> Formula. Use following settings to calculate the rainfall in the last 48h. Rain meter device uses 1 impulse per 0.2794mm of rainfall so 1mm is 3.579 impulses.

    • Now you have working rainfall meter with the last 48h period statistics. Use it to enable/disable automatic irrigation system managed by TapHome.