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  • Rain Metering for Irrigation management

    In this simple guide you can find how to setup a Rain meter device to measure rainfall during the last 48 hours.


    • Fix the box horizontally (use water-level) and make sure there is an empty space underneath.
    • Connect red wire to +24V and green one to any UI input (24UI, Core UI, 2UI, 6UI/6OC etc).


    • Go to the Taphome app and enable the related input as a pulse counter. This creates a pulse counting device in the TapHome device.
      • Go to Settings - > Virtual Devices - > Add Virtual Device and select Rain Gauge (Pulse Counter).
      • In the Rain Gauge, select the appropriate pulse counter input and save.
      • You now have a working precipitation meter with statistics for the last 3 and 48 hours. Use it to enable / disable the TapHome-managed automatic irrigation system.



    • In the weekly plan that controls automatic irrigation, activate the Limiting Condition and select Formula.
      • Select Rain Gauge (Impulse Counter) and the Precipitation Volume Total / Integral for 2 days and Precipitation Volume Total / Integral for 3 hours statistics as the input device.
      • Write the required condition in the formula