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  • TapHome to KNX

    Expose devices feature lets you use TapHome IO modules on its proprietary bus and make them visible / available inside ETS.


    KNX Gateway

    To add KNX Gateway please follow the first chapter in KNX devices in TapHome guide.


    Add KNX interface to Expose Devices

    In Setting choose Expose devices and click Add new interface:

    Select KNX from interface list:

    Return to Expose interfaces and click on KNX. Select KNX Gateway and choose the KNXG device from the list and click next:


    Add devices to KNX Expose Devices Interface

    When the KNX interface is defined you can click on Add device:

    Choose from list of device and click Next:

    Select the new exposed device and fill the parameters defined in ETS for changing data between TapHome bus and KNX bus:

    DTPIndex is the data point number, DTPType is the data point type. CommandType defines the TapHome device action which has to be exposed to KNX bus.