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  • Electric meter based on impulse counter


    • Impulse counter electric meter must be connected into any TapHome's digital input.

    • Blue cable is +24V, White is connected directly to input. (e.g. Blue to +24V, white to UI1)


    Configuration of digital input


    Input must be set as impulse counter

    TapHome application -> Menu -> Devices -> open appropriate device (e.g. UI19)

    Configuration of virtual device


    Define Virtual device "Electric Meter (Impulse Counter)" in Menu → Setting → Virtual Devices → Add virtual device

    Linking of virtual device and real Electric meter


    • New virtual Electric meter must be configured and linked with real Electric meter sensor (appropriate input)

    • Device settings → Impulse counter → choose Electric meter already connected (see Configuration of input)


    • Impulses per kWh are set by default to 1000 but can be changed according to technical paramters of Electric meter

    • Calibration is set if Electric meter already shows measured values (before connected and configured in TapHome)


    Final result



    Total consumption can be calibrated in Service Settings → Device → Calibration

    Demand shows 5 minute average, in order to avoid noise when demand is low and impulses are being received infrequently.