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  • Jablotron RS485 interface wiring

    The communication settings for the Jablotron series 100 and 100Plus occupy one arbitrary bus, to which no other device can be connected. Communication with the JA-121T peripheral is two-way and determines the status of individual PGs for TapHome. As the Jablotron communicator module is not designed for DIN rail mounting and its installation is required to meet all requirements for security level GRADE2, mount the peripheral directly in the control panel and connect both control units only with the recommended cable. The second option is a box along the route, which has an active intrusion sensing circuit - sabotage. Also keep in mind the fact that any burglar alarm must not be controlled by a third party in accordance with the set of standards STN EN 50 131, if the safety and guaranteed level of security GRADEx, which is given by the certificate of the accredited testing laboratory and manufacturer, is to be observed. Currently, it is only possible to load PG statuses and it is not possible to write a PG status or section change.