• Expressions / Script language
  • Users and Permissions
  • Backup, restore, reset to factory settings
  • Software release notes
  • Weather data

    TapHome lets you download free weather data into the app.

    • Adjust heating / cooling performance based on outdoor temperature
    • Decide if irrigation shall be started depending on forecasted rain
    • Load more power from the photovoltaic panels into the battery if clouds are forecasted
    • Protect blinds or awnings depending on the wind direction


    • Sign up at Click the account confirmation link in the email you receive.
    • Then you will receive another email which contains your personal API key. Copy it into clipboard.
    • Open TapHome app and go to Menu → Settings → Hardware → Add new interface → Packet parser → Add from template → OpenWeather.
    • Paste API key into the appropriate field. Also enter the correct latitude and longitude for the location of the installation:

    Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Create.

    The app shall be able to receive the weather data within a few minutes. If it takes long, please go to Settings → Hardware → Packet parser → OpenWeather → Service settings and in part definitions for reading tap Test request. If the query returns data, all is fine. The data will appear in the app shortly.