• Expressions / Script language
  • Users and Permissions
  • Backup, restore, reset to factory settings
  • Configuration of Packet parser using predefined templates

    In order to quickly setup Packet parser devices there are predefined templates. In any case there is necessary to know hostname or IP address of added module. When you know this information choose from predefined templates and select devices which you want to add. There will be automatically added module and it devices with all necessary definitions.



    Template name

    Product compatibility


    Shelly 1PM Module

    Shelly 1/Shelly 1PM

    For Shelly 1 do not use power metering device.

    Keba car chargers


    Sonos multi-room audio

    Weather data

    It is necessary to register at and receive the API key which needs to be entered into the template.

    Denon multi-room audio.

    First insert template Denon discovery with correct IP address. This will read PID variable. Note this for next use. Then remove discovery module and insert Denon HEOS template. Use IP address and PID from previous template.

    Wifi stereo amplifier

    WA-225W, WA-250

    Available actions: set volume (from 0% to 100%), set play mode (normal, repeat all, repeat one), mute, next, pause, play, previous and stop