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  • Jablotron alarm

    Jablotron 100 alarm system provides RS485 gateway to securely connect to 3rd party systems.

    TapHome Core control unit provides 3 terminals for TapHome Bus devices, or other RS485-based devices. Thanks to support of Jablotron protocol, TapHome can read values from/to Jablotron 100 alarm.

    Step-by-step guide

    Connect JA-121T with TapHome Core.

    The JA-121T provides galvanic isolation, so the GNDs of the Jablotron and TapHome power supplies should not be connected.

    1. Open Settings → Hardware:
      a. Disable Terminal 3 in TapHome Bus → Terminals
      b. + Add new interface → Jablotron

    1. Open Settings → Hardware → Jablotron:
      a. Enable Terminal 3
      b. For example, set the Jablotron password (format 1 * 2345, where 1 is the external user ID and 2345 is the password or other format you are using). This password must be created in the Jablotron system.

    1. Program PG outputs in Jablotron. In order to achieve immediate response from e.g. motion sensor, it must be programmed as PG output in Jablotron.
      Typical use cases:
      • Armed status of the house, in order to adjust blinds, heating, cooling and ventilation
      • Motion sensor to turn on the light in corridor when there is motion at night
      • Windows in a zone to provide push notification when leaving the house with windows open

    1. In Service settings of each PG, you can define its device type to adjust icon and configuration.

    a. Read-only device types for Reed contacts

    b. Read/write device types for Switches

    IMPORTANT: It is not possible to combine Jablotron Gateway with any other device on the same bus terminal. All terminals are RS485 standard, but this provides only electric compatibility, not data compatibility.