• Expressions / Script language
  • Users and Permissions
  • Backup, restore, reset to factory settings
  • Software release notes
  • Connect to Core, setup new location, add modules, update

    Before your first installation

    Install the free app " TapHome Official ". The application is available for Windows 11 (for software version 2019.1 and higher), Android and iOS.


    There is just one app for installers and users. It is possible to limit access rights for groups of users.

    You can choose between the stable version TapHome Official or the beta version with the latest features TapHome Next . Both applications can be installed and used simultaneously.

    TapHome Official

    Stable version for customers (recommended)

    TapHome Next

    Beta version with frequent updates


    Launch the app and create a TapHome account (email/password). All your future installations will be automatically linked to this account.

    Setting up a new control unit

    Connect Core using a LAN cable to Wi-Fi router with internet. Connect your phone, tablet or notebook to the same wifi network.

    1. If you do not yet have any location assigned to your account, the Add location option will appear. Confirm it.
    2. In the list of locations, select the drive marked as < New Location > .
    3. Name the location so that you can easily identify it among other installations later. Next, enter the access code (access token) - 16 digit code on the sticker on the control unit.
    4. You have successfully set up the control unit and have been assigned Service, Admin and User access.
    5. The last step is to update the control unit. Do not disconnect the device during the update (3-5 minutes).

    Add modules

    Connect all modules to Core. Choose SettingsHardwareTapHome BusFind new devices. Modules which are connected to Core will show up.

    Remote access

    Don't forget to add your TapHome account to your user list so you can access the installation remotely (outside of your local network). If you want our help remotely, add the user

    LAN / Remote access

    Ak sa riadiaca jednotka nachádza v rovnakej sieti ako vaša TapHome aplikácia, pripojenie je vždy lokálne - bez potreby internetu.

    Indikácia lokálneho alebo vzdialeného pripojenia je zobrazená

    • v menu vľavo hore

    • v Nastavenia → My location → Connected users

    • v Nastavenia → All users


    V zozname lokácií sú použité ikony:


    Nová lokácia


    Lokácia je prístupná cez LAN alebo na diaľku


    Lokácia je prístupná cez LAN, a nie je prístupná na diaľku


    Lokácia nie je prístupná ani cez LAN, ani na diaľku