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  • Reset blinds back to automatic mode

    Every device has possibility to set "Manual Override" behaviour - what should be done when user decides to change its value despite of active automatic program.


    The example below shows configuration of blinds in the office building, where blinds are running on automatic during the day, but users are allowed to alter position anytime. Every midnight, blinds are reset back to automatic.

    Set manual override of every blind to "Keep manual mode for 24 hours"


    Using this setting, after user's intervention, blind would remain in set position for 24 hours, despite active automatic Smart Rules.

    Add virtual push button for triggering action  

    In Settings → Virtual devices, add device Push button

    Change its name

    Add Smart Rule Weekly schedule, that will trigger this device every midnight


    Add Smart Rule Push button event, that will do the switching to Automatic mode

    Rename Smart Rule

    Set action for all affected blinds


    Tap and hold to start selecting multiple devices, or tap "Select all"

    Advantage: Set Value: Off (if there is another active Smart Rule that will take care of correct position of the blind)
    Disadvantage: Set Operation Mode: Automatic

    Set action:


    For residential use, it is more favourable to prevent any unnecessary movement of blinds during night. It is easy to extend morning routine action of "Daily schedule" Smart Rule with advanced setting that will not only lift the blinds, but also set their operation mode to Automatic.

    Set manual override of every blind to "Keep manual mode for 24 hours"



    Extend morning action for each blind to set operation mode "Automatic"

    Add "Daily schedule" Smart Rule to your blind, that will for example lift the blind every day at 7AM, and pull down the blind 1 hour after sunset.

    In setting dialog of morning action, click "Show more" and select "Change operation mode"→ "Automatic"