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  • 2017.1 - Blinds automation - angle control update

    The Smart Rule Control blinds with Up and Down push buttons has been updated to choose behavior type and to enable to keep blinds down and only allow control of the angle.

    • Behavior type Short pres: When the button is pressed, the blinds travel all the way up or down. Another press stops them. If the option Allow only change of slats angle is checked, the angle changes from 0% to 100% or vice versa depending on the previous movement direction.
    • Behavior type Short and long press: On short press, blinds only change angle by 25%. E.g. if these are 90 degrees blinds, they change their angle by 0.25 * 90 = 22.5 degrees. Long press sends them all the way up or down. In case the checkbox Allow only change of slats angle is checked, long press changes the angle either to 0 degrees or to 90 / 180 degrees depending on the type of blinds.