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  • Users and Permissions
  • Backup, restore, reset to factory settings
  • Software release notes
  • Static IP address configuration

    Normally TapHome Core use DHCP service to obtain IP address and other network settings. This is displayed on Settings/My location under Network settings:

    To disable DHCP settings and use static IP address defined by user uncheck Enable DHCP and edit network parameters:

    After parameters are correctly set use SAVE NETWORK SETTINGS AND RESTART to apply this parameters and restart Core with new network parameters.

    Please be sure that you set correct parameters - in other case it is possible that your Core will be note accessible.

    How to reset control unit to default settings (using DHCP)

    • Format USB flash disk to Fat32 file system
    • Create empty folder called "network-reset"
    • Plug the USB disk to running control unit. It will detect the USB disk, restore network settings to DHCP server, and reboot itself.
    • After reboot, control unit will be obtaining its IP address automatically from router via DHCP service