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  • Air conditioning

    TapHome system can be used to control air conditioning split units or outdoor units.

    Below is the list of possible integration methods:

    Data connection


    • Simple configuration
    • Minimum or zero additional costs
    • Full feature set


    • none

    LG Air Conditioning via PI-485 and LGAP protocol

    • Communication via RS485 (Bus) connection.
    • Multiple split units can be fully operated from TapHome with minimal additional cost.
    • PI-485 will be provided directly by your LG supplier

    Click here for more info

    In order to integrate Toshiba air conditioning units, please use a Modbus gateway called TCB-IFMB640TLE.

    • Communication with Gree via RS485 (Bus) connection.
    • No extra costs - RS485 gateway is included in U-MATCH Series DC Inverter AIR Conditioners
    • Multiple split units can be fully operated from TapHome

    Click here for more info about Gree integration

    IntesisBox communication hardware


    • Wide compatibility list (supports Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Hisense, Midea, Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Panasonic Eherea / VRF, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.)


    • High price

    Read more at Intesis