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  • Linking devices together

    "Link" Smart Rule

    Connect multiple devices with "Link" Smart Rule. Master and slave devices can be defined.

    IMPORTANT: Link Smart Rule only evaluates manual value changes. For example, if master thermostat if changed by Weekly schedule Smart Rule, this change is not applied to linked slave thermostat.



    (/) simple setup, no need for creating extra virtual device
    (/) possible to assign priority when evaluating Link Smart Rule


    (X) slower response time if evaluation is complex

    Available for:

    Switch, Thermostat, Analog output


    Manual change of temperature on Thermostat living room changes also temperatures on other master thermostats (Thermostat kitchen), as well as on other slave thermostats (bedroom, kids room 1 and 2).

    However if Thermostat bedroom is manually changed, it does not affect any other thermostat, only itself, because it is defined as slave.