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  • Exporting data from TapHome into Google Spreadsheet using Integromat

    In the TapHome App, go to Menu - Settings - Expose devices - Add new interface - add Integromat. Once Integromat is added, tap Add device and choose the devices for which you want to write the data into Google Spreadsheet.

    Create the Google Spreadsheet file. Create columns which you want to be filled with data from TapHome.

    Create an account on Create a new scenario on On the page "What services do you want to integrate?" search for TapHome and Google Sheets. Click Continue.

    Click on TapHome icon. You get these options:

    Now you have two options:

    • Either you want to get data at fixed time intervals. For example temperature. In this case choose Get Device Value.
    • Or you want every change of a device to be written into the spreadsheet. In such case choose Watch Device Value.

    Important - disable the "map" check box. Then choose the device.

    Get Device Value

    Then click on the right "ear" of the TapHome item to add Google Sheet.

    Click into the empty field with the column name from your Google Sheet and choose Get value: