Software release notes

2019.1 - release planned for Q4 2019

  • Dashboards stored inside control unit
  • Improved device lists and widgets
    • Easier operation thanks to added control buttons
    • Functional groups of devices - Virtual devices, System devices, Modules, Variables
    • Possibility to instantly see current value, manual mode or error state of a device
  • Support for multiple dashboards, including custom permissions for users (Dashboards, Zones, Categories)
  • Support for zones and categories (Dashboards, Zones, Categories)
  • Editing multiple devices, faster configuration of TapHome modules
  • Simple ASCII communication via RS485, TCP/IP, UDP (TapHome Integration Protocol)
  • Fast configuration for connecting 2 or more control units (Integrate multiple Core control units)
  • Support for pulse width modulation for all digital outputs
    • Possibility to configure any digital output as analog output
    • Set pulse width from 1Hz up to 25kHz (depends on hardware)
    • Available from firmware 26
  • Possibility to configure Total Power Limit on modules that support analog (PWM) outputs (Power limiting)
  • Implementation of latest push notification standards, including support of Push Notification Groups on Android 8.x and higher
  • Support for LG Air Conditioning via RS485 Bus connection (LG Air Conditioning via PI-485 and LGAP protocol)
  • Support for Daikin Air Conditioning via TCP/IP connection (Daikin Air Conditioning)



Firmware Changelog

  • Corrected error handling in Ble14. Corrected incorrect DO index handling in KNX Gateway.
  • Added blinds flag for choosing between 20% and 100% when calibrate to border.
  • Corrected I2C communication and CO2 averaging in STM32L modules. Added support for NTC calibration - STM32L modules.
  • Fixed generation of serial numbers of 6UI 6UO rev 1.0, 2UI rev 1.0, 12DO rev 2.0, 12LED/OC rev 2.0 and 14BLe rev 2.3 modules
  • Fixed scan of 6UI 6UO rev 1.0, 2UI rev 1.0, 12DO rev 2.0 modules - problem with generator of random numbers
  • Fixed initialization of power limited output
  • Flush mount modules - fixed handling of erased EEPROM
  • Blinds - improved handling of actions that set similar position and angle
  • Added support for synchronized transactions (actions from 1 smart rule are performed at exactly the same time on all affected devices)
  • Safe values when module is not communicating with Core
  • Modules with EXT sensors are not being restarted during scan request
  • UI24 changed analog comparator value for digital input (0-7V / 8-24V)
  • Significantly lowered power consumption for modules 2NTC4DI, 2NTC2DI2DO, Core14
  • Optimised power consumption for all modules on XMEGA architecture
  • Corrected blind angle change when 100% reached and different time defined for up/down movement
  • Fix of displayed CPU temperature
  • No unnecessary motion of blinds when desired position is reached
  • Fixed EEPROM update - works differently as read/write
  • Improved CO2 value filtering
  • Fixed speed of wind sensor (approx. 2x increase in wind speed!!!), improved reporting of windspeed
  • Wind and Brightness sensor memory fix
  • Reverse direction setting for encoder blinds
  • Faster scan of new TapHome Bus modules
  • Multi-zone controller showing "configuration in progress"