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  • Users and Permissions

    User management

    User management lets you define access rights and permissions for various types of users.Users can be for example family members, guests in a hotel or tenants in an office building.

    • User – Can change values manually – change temperature setpoint, switch on / off light etc. Its access to Smart Rules and to advanced device settings can be limited by Admin or Service user.
    • Admin – Can add or remove users, can change basic system settings.
    • Service – Hasn’t got a right to add or remove users. Has access to all system settings and configuration. Service level is used by installation partners.


    Permissions enable to set various types of access rights to devices and to Smart Rules. For example, a service person may want to limit users to perform certain actions which may inhibit functionality of the system. At the same time they may retain access to weekly schedules, blinds sensitivity to sun light etc.

    Permissions can be applied to specific users or to user groups (Service, Admin, User).

    Use the icons in the right top corner to get a quick overview about what can be seen by Service, Admin or User groups.

    Example - List of devices

    Example - Dashboard

    1. Service permissions
    2. Admin permissions
    3. User permissions

    Example - Smart Rules

    1. Service can see and edit all Smart Rules.
    2. Admin can see all Smart Rules, but can only adjust for example Irrigation sequencer.
    3. User cannot see or adjust any Smart Rules for irrigation. User also cannot change Manual Override settings, Rename the device or access Service settings.

    Permissions for Devices and for Smart Rules

    Default Permissions

    Default permissions for Location, Devices and Smart Rules