TapHome to KNX

Expose devices feature lets you use TapHome IO modules on its proprietary bus and make them visible / available inside ETS.


KNX Gateway

To add KNX Gateway please follow the first chapter in KNX devices ( in TapHome guide.


Add KNX interface to Expose Devices

In Setting choose Expose devices and click Add new interface:

Select KNX from interface list:

Return to Expose interfaces and click on KNX. Select KNX Gateway and choose the KNXG device from the list and click next:


Add devices to KNX Expose Devices Interface

When the KNX interface is defined you can click on Add device:

Choose from list of device and click Next:

Select the new exposed device and fill the parameters defined in ETS for changing data between TapHome bus and KNX bus:

DTPIndex is the data point number, DTPType is the data point type. CommandType defines the TapHome device action which has to be exposed to KNX bus.