DC blinds, slides, awnings with Encoder signal

Position of DC blinds with encoder output is not controlled by measuring the time, but by by reading impulses from controller (or directly from DC motor).

Service settings of blinds


All calibration parameters are the same as for AC blinds, except for one extra parameter:

Calibration Default value
Set reverse motor direction off

Encoder settings

Calculation of position and angle of blinds is based on counting impulses from encoder.

Encoder settings section consists of following attributes:

Attribute Default value
Max time to wait for encoder signals start in up direction 150 ms
Max time to wait for encoder signals start in down direction 150 ms

Number of impulses total


Number of impulses for angle change

Not applicable for slides.


Calibration current
Limit of current during calibration.


Normal operation current 
Limit of current during normal operation up.


Normal operation current down
Limit of current during normal operation down.


Maximal current down change
Prevent reloading blind up in case when it is moving down. Stops blind moving down in case the current down is higher than average current down in defined percent.


Impulses per second to regulate speed. 
Holds constant speed by using the number of impulses per second. If this is not possible to reach it holds higher possible or lower possible speed. To disable speed control set to 0.


Minimal PWM value. 
Set minimal PWM value to regulate blind speed or to use soft start and soft end.