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    There is necessary to set TapHome Core IP address as SIP server. To find IP address of the Core use TapHome app and click on your location to display this information. Then set following parameters:

    1. Set phone number (ID) to 111
    2. Set Core IP address as Domain
    3. Set Core IP address as Proxy Address
    4. Enable registration
    5. Set Core IP address as Registrar address

    Save the values. After adding the device to TapHome the registration state change to REGISTERED.

    Set call parameters:

    TapHome SIP server use audio codec G711 (PCMU) for audio session. Use following audio setting in the door bell device:

    Jitter Compensation = 250ms

    Enable Packet parser camera access:

    Create user for Packet parser access in Acount1.

    The same user name and password has to be used in TapHome as access credentials.

    Add at least one user:

    And edit the user parameters:

    Set phone number to sip:nnn@CoreIpAddress where sip: is indicating that the call will be done through SIP, nnn is the SIP number, CoreIpAddress is the IP address set for SIP server.

    Check that the door lock is set to switch1:

    Check or set the Switch 1 parameters to corresponds to your requirements for door opening:

    For TapHome full control over the door use Bistable switch mode.

    Set quick dial button parameters:

    Set button function during call to hang up. Set the predefined user to which door bell device will make SIP call when the ring button is pressed.

    It is imperative that the IP address of the door bell is not changed. In case that your network router can be set to use permanent IP address for the device according to MAC address you can use this settings. In case that this can not be set it is better to set the static IP address for the door bell device. In following example the router address is and the device IP address is set to

    For detailed information regarding used settings or any other setting please follow the (producer Configuration Manual.)[]