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  • Smart Rules - Priorities

    Priority (top-down order) of the Smart Rule is taken into account in the situations where the same device is affected by more than one Smart Rule. The higher Smart Rule is the higher priority it gets. Although TapHome automatically sorts Smart rules according to the usual priority, they can be also corrected manually if necessary.

    Affected by

    List of Smart Rules which affect the device. Priority is applied by top-down order.


    Pressing Edit switches the list into Priority editing mode.

    Priority editing mode

    1. Use Drag & Drop on triplet icon to manually move Smart rule Up & Down
    2. Use “Done” to confirm changes

    Please use proper combination of actions and priorities across multiple Smart Rules to avoid logical conflicts. Keep in mind that multiple Hold actions type of Smart Rules active at the same time could cause the situation where Smart rule with top priority blocks low priority Smart Rules below.