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  • How to add a new PIN code for a reader with keyboard

    Go to SettingsAccessAdd Access Card.

    Tap the Wiegand Gateway on which you want to enable the PIN code.

    Choose Create virtual card - only PIN code. Enter your PIN code. By default it has to have at least 4 characters. This can be changed later. Tap Valid to and choose a date in the future. Go Back. The card has been created, you can see it on bottom of the Access Cards list. There is no user assigned.

    Tap the new card. Tap Assign user. Choose your global account.

    On bottom, tap Set Unlimited Validity. Tap Back.

    Scroll to top and tap the Wiegand Gateway on which you are configuring the PIN code. Tap Service settings. On the next screen tap Edit weekly plans and users. Tap Add a weekly plan or tap the weekly plan you may already have. Tap Default weekly plan. Tap Add new user. Choose the account. Tap Back multiple times.

    Test your new PIN code.