Configuring TapHome KNX Gateway in ETS

TapHome KNX Gateway uses a KNX component from Weinzierl called BAOS. The gateway is in ETS listed under the Weinzierl name. BAOS is KNX certified.


Import Product Database

Download product database from page:

Open ETS 5 → Catalogs → import Weinzierl product database from downloaded archive.


Add BAOS module to your installation

Change to Topology view in ETS project:

From producer catalogue choose Weinzierl producer and find KNX BAOS 832 module. Insert module to appropriate area and line.


Configure BAOS Data Points


Select BAOS module and switch to its parameters. Choose first data point group 1-10, select data point 1 type.

Data point types supported by BAOS with associated TapHome devices or variables:

Label in BAOSData point typeUsed by TapHome virtual devicesUsed by TapHome virtual variableComment
DPT 11 Bit, Boolean

DPT 22 Bit, Control

DPT 34 Bit, Dimming, Blinds

DPT 48 Bit, Character Set

DPT 58 Bit, Unsigned Value

DPT 68 Bit, Signed Value

DPT 72 Byte, Unsigned Value

DPT 82 Byte, Signed Value

DPT 92 Byte, Float Value

DPT 103 Byte, Time

Implementing date and time from KNX into TapHome does not make sense. TapHome has its own internal date and time engine.
DPT 113 Byte, Date

DPT 124 Byte, Unsigned Value

DPT 134 Byte, Signed Value

DPT 144 Byte, Float Value

DPT 154 Byte, Access

DPT 1614 Byte, String

Planned feature, coming soon
DPT 171 Byte, Scene Number

DPT 181 Byte, Scene Control

Switch to Group Objects, right click on data point and choose Properties. For data points which are used to communicate data to TapHome select Communication, Write, Transmit options:

For data point which are only written from TapHome select Communication, Read, Transmit options:


Configure Group Addresses


Switch to Group Addresses view and link BAOS data point to appropriate group:

Repeat the steps 3. and 4. for all data points which you want to be communicated to TapHome.



Connect the KNX Gateway Board to the KNX bus and the PC to a KNX Interface. Press the Learn button on the KNX Gateway (green LED must light up). Select the device KNX BAOS 830 and use menu Download/Full download.