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  • Optical bus isolation

    The line can also be separated by a bidirectional optical splitter. This creates a full-fledged galvanic separation of the two power supply systems. The separator is also equipped with a basic overvoltage protection type D, which is designed for data transmissions of the RS-485 or Modbus. We recommend this type of separation when the cabling is routed in places where it could be mechanically damaged. In this way, the possibility of direct induction by system voltages also arises. However, it should be noted that the bus isolator does not fully fulfill the function of surge protection. The bus isolator isolates the master and slave from each other, but does not carry the induced voltage to the PE/PEN terminal.

    It is good to use the bus isolator to amplify the signal, as a signal shaper on long buses, or even where voltage ripples on the data cables, interference and reflections occur on the bus for an unidentifiable reason.