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    Setting described on this page are required for proper functionality of Smart Rule "Blinds adjustment according to sun"

    Open service settings of a blind or slide, and find section SUN ORIENTATION.


    Default values



    0º, 0º, 0º, 0ºdoc_tap_smart_sun;


    To detect azimuth orientation of the window, stand inside the room with smart phone facing out of window. Number of degrees (North = 0º) is the azimuth.

    iOS: pre-installed compass app, plus PV Optiimzer & Solar compass ( Android: SunMoonTracker (

    It is recommended to use either physical compass, or app with possibility to adjust orientation based on sun position, because of strong magnetic interference inside buildings. Error of build-in smart phone compass can be up to +-90º

    Smart Rule Blinds adjustment according to sun is only active when azimuth of the sun is +-90 degrees from azimuth of the window. If this condition, or other conditions specified in the Smart Rule are not met, another Smart Rule with lower priority takes control of the blind/slide position.

    Azimuth / Elevation Offsets

    Offsets should be used when there are obstructions in direction of sun light when it reaches the window.

    Left / right azimuth offsets

    Top / Bottom elevation offsets