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    The example below explains step by step how to configure simple automatic irrigation system for 3 zones using sequencer and weekly schedule.

    Configuration of DO12 module to enable switch outputs for 3 zones. These outputs will control the respective valves.

    Configuration of virtual Multi value switch called "Irrigation control" which defines 4 states of all available scenarios:

    Adding Smart Rule "Keep default values" with "0 Irrigation OFF" state as default state for "Irrigation Control" to make sure that no zones become active by itself.

    Next step is creating and configuring Sequencer to manage sequences - cycles with order and duration of irrigation for each zone.Adding virtual Push button Called "Start Automation". This Push button is necessary to start Sequencer Smart Rule created in the next step as the Sequencer is not able to start by itself.

    Making Sequencer Smart Rule called "Sequencer" within "Irrigation Control" multivalue switch as the sequencer will control order and duration of "Irrigation Control" states.

    Adding "Weekly Schedule" Smart Rule within push button "Start Automation" to control when (what day and hour) the "Sequencer" will start.