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  • Simple Heating management using Weekly schedule and Presence switch

    Presence multi-value switch allows you to define different Presence Modes that determine actions for selected devices. In the next simple steps you can find how to manage Thermostat set points via Presence switch.

    1. In this scenario we will use Thermostat with Temperature hysteresis regulation from here Simple thermostat with hysteresis
    2. First we have to define some Weekly schedule automation for the Thermostat set point. Go to Thermostat and Add new Smart Rule "Weekly schedule for Thermostat" and create some events on the timeline with defined set point.

    1. Now we have to define preferred Presence modes. Find Presence multi-value switch on Dashboard or in the list of all devices. Go to Presence Service settings and add new or remove existing modes (rename or use different icons if you need).

    1. Go back to Presence switch front panel and Add New Smart Rule "Switch event for Presence" and keep event for HOME state empty (No action) and for AWAY state select Thermostat from the list of devices and set desired set point (e.g. 14 degrees)

    1. Now when you check Thermostat details, you will see 2 Smart Rules within AFFECTED BY section: 1st (higher priority) - Switch event for Presence and 2nd (Lower priority) - Weekly schedule for Thermostat. Important part is that Switch event for Presence Smart Rule has higher priority than Weekly schedule Smart Rule.So when actual state of Presence switch is "Away" (with specified action fro Thermostat), it holds set point value against the Weekly schedule below. But when you switch to Home state on Presence switch, there are no action for Home state so Switch event for Presence Smart Rule has nothing to do and the priority is falling lower to the next Smart Rule which is Weekly schedule. In this case the set point on Thermostat is being controlled by Weekly schedule.