Basic Blinds Setup

In this guide you can find some simple steps how to integrate blinds into TapHome. The basic setup consists of real blind, two relay outputs (up and down) to cotrol the engine and two buttons inputs to control level and angle of blinds. 

  1. For relay outputs you can use centrally distributed DO12 module with up to 12 relays / 6 pairs for 6 blinds (or locally distributed 2NTC/DI/DO Bus module with 2 relays to controll one blinds engine).
  2. To create Blinds device within TapHome, go to DO12 modul where Blinds are physically connected, enable Blind under Blinds section and select appropriate settings (Function, Terminals, Attributes). 

3. To connect physical Control buttons you can use centrally distributed modules UI24 or Core (or locally distributed modules 2NTC/DI/DO Bus module, 6UI/6OC or 2UI). 

4. To create Control buttons within TapHome, go to UI24 where the push buttons are physically connected, find the right two inputs and enable them as Push buttons.

5. Go into Blind device details and add new Smart Rule "Control blinds with Up and Down" and select control buttons for direction Up and Down created in step 4. 

6. Now you have Blinds with manual control via physical push buttons. 

7. Measure duration times with stopwatch (Position 0% to 100% and 100% to 0% and Angle 0% to 100% and 100% to 0%), go to Blinds Service settings → Duration and set appropriate times.