• Expressions / Script language
  • Users and Permissions
  • Backup, restore, reset to factory settings
  • Software release notes
  • 2021.3

    Backup, restore, clone, factory reset

    Available via USB disk and via App. Click here for more info.

    Major upgrade of access system (wiegand bus)

    • UI / UX improvements. New philosophy - everything is allowed unless administrator decides to specify limitations.

    • New features for Card / PIN code:

      • can have custom names

      • can be temporarily disabled

      • can be OPTIONALLY linked to user accounts

      • Improved expiration settings

      • Better handling of deleted cards / PIN codes

    • Improved Access smart rule - now it is possible to define selective access for certain cards. This enables “locker room” scenario, where user can unlock his specific locker with his card, using just 1 card reader that is shared for all the lockers.

    • New feature - custom date ranges, where admin can specify e.g. holidays for specific country and use it in access system and in limiting condition of every smart rule

    Other improvements

    • Improved audio quality on SIP video doorbells

    • Improved communication with LG air conditioning via native taphome bus, and LG PI485 card

    • Improved notifications in Alarm smart rule