• Expressions / Script language
  • Users and Permissions
  • Backup, restore, reset to factory settings
  • Software release notes
  • 2021.2

    Push button event scanner

    Optional information in GUI

    • Enable / disable displaying of device warnings (by default turned on for Service permissions)
    • Expand / collapse Device Logs for each device separately

    App scaling

    Set custom size of texts and controls in all apps

    Improved editing of weekly schedule

    Added possibility to specify exact time for each action

    Invitations for new users

    • When new user is added to My location, email with instructions is sent
    • Possibility to create account directly from email link, if this user does not already have TapHome account

    Improved visualisation of blinds and awnings during calibration

    Font improvements

    Improved rendering speed, support for non-latin languages, emoji, right-to-left

    Added support for new Zigbee devices

    See the list of supported devices

    Light intensity linearisation options

    • Compensation of AC dimming intensity for 230V dimmers
    • Compensation of visual light intensity for PWM LED dimmers

    New templates

    • Modbus template for Domat CO2 sensor
    • Packet parser templates for Fonestar, Denon, Satel

    Bug fixes and stability improvements

    • Grouping of system messages from Core to Apps. Previously, Core was generating too much traffic if many devices were changing too often.
    • Fixed computing of hourly averages in Statistics
    • Electric meter statistics fixes
    • Daikin AC improvements
    • Modbus templates improvements
    • Fixed memory stability when Core is running without restart for a long time
    • Improved analytics of Core crashes
    • Improved SIP doorbell voice quality