Simplify control of your home!

A single app controls everything.

  • TapHome is the first and only smart home system in which you can do adjustments on your own.
  • TapHome is open - it integrates all devices in your home. We did the integration so that you don’t have to.
  • TapHome fits into your standard budget for thermostats or for blinds control.

Building your house using a smart home technology makes it future proof. It is a must for a modern home and it gives you limitless options for control.

Heating & Cooling

Sophisticated algorithm learns energy requirements of each room. You get more comfort while also achieving energy savings.


System can transform blinds into another component in the heating or cooling setup.

Light scenes

Multiple lights are combined into lighting scenes.

Air ventilation

System monitors air quality and adjusts the ventilation intensity accordingly.


System switches individual irrigation zones one after another in a sequence so that the water pressure does not drop.


The system can be integrated with a certified alarm. When the alarm is off, it is possible to set other activities - turn on the lights, raise the blinds.


System controls pool filtration pump, temperature and lighting. Integration with pool water treatment system enables remote control of water quality.

Photovoltaic panels

System switches between photovoltaic panels and electricity from network depending on real-time needs.

Doors and Gates

Unlock the door using a PIN code keyboard, a card reader or with a phone.

Access control

Guests at the guesthouse will receive access codes with limited time validity.


Heat up sauna remotely before you get home.

Voice control

Integrations with Siri and Alexa

Multi-room audio

Integrations with Sonos, Denon, Fonestar

Open system

API, HTTP, UDP, Modbus, Wiegand, DALI, DMX

Home Assistant

Integration with all IoT devices.