330 temperature sensors are installed in rain water gutters on the tribune. Outputs control electric deicing circuits. Five Core are networked from separate parts of the tribune.

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The Domintell system has been working in our house for 2 years with great satisfaction. There are already several smart house companies on the market, but I would still work with them today. I can only recommend them!
Gábor Lakatos 2017.11.13 — 6 years ago
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This building automation system meets all your needs. Competent professionals work in the construction, they are fair and flexible to the tasks.
Bt Pro-fitt 2017.11.09 — 6 years ago
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After much thought, I ordered the system for my house from Domintell in 2015. Since then, it has been working very stably and reliably, and has proven to be a perfect choice for the price/value ratio. What I would like to emphasize is that they have been helping you ever since, if you have any questions or perhaps programming tasks.
Gábor Kovács 2017.11.09 — 6 years ago
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We agreed on the programming time on the phone and they called me 2 minutes before. All conversions were programmed without error on my system, they work well. I couldn't imagine having a different system in my house and having to work with a different team if something needed to be changed.
Csaba Balázs 2017.11.09 — 6 years ago
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The best possible choice for building automation. One of the most correct companies I met during construction. I can only recommend it to everyone!
Károly Nagy 2017.11.09 — 6 years ago

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