Simplify control of your home!

Update: IP camera / CCTV integration

  • The smart home application covers all functionality for home control including security cameras.
  • TapHome is compatible with a wide range of video and audio formats including the latest H.265 codec.
  • The application connects to any device providing video stream — it can be individual camera or NVR.

Heating & Cooling

Sophisticated algorithm learns energy requirements of each room. You get more comfort while also achieving energy savings.


System can transform blinds into another component in the heating or cooling setup.

Light scenes

Multiple lights are combined into lighting scenes.

Air ventilation

System monitors air quality and adjusts the ventilation intensity accordingly.


System switches individual irrigation zones one after another in a sequence so that the water pressure does not drop. Whole area is irrigated properly.


System integrates with standalone certified alarm. It is possible to set up additional actions when the alarm is tripped - turn the lights on, raise blinds.


System controls pool filtration pump, temperature and lighting. Integration with pool water treatment system enables remote control of water quality.

Photovoltaic panels

System switches between photovoltaic panels and electricity from network depending on real-time needs.

Doors and Gates

Control gates using a smartphone. This will make sense to you when you forget your keys :)

Retention water tank
Special sensors measure water level in retention tank. If there is enough water in the tank, sprinkler uses water from the tank.

Heat up sauna remotely before you get home. No dinner will sneak in between your arrival home and arrival to sauna.