Control system for your home

Now it’s easy to make your home smart.
Employ machines to do the job!


I like when blinds respond to sunlight and make sure our house does not get too warm. We also didn’t want to have a bunch of remote controls lying around.

Nicole, Vienna

I don’t want to control everything manually. Now I just press a button and that’s it!

Ján, Bratislava

Clearly a must-have choice. A cool system for the price of traditional thermostats.

Guenther, Munich


Miniature temperature sensors replace bulky thermostats. Walls stay clean. Sophisticated heating algorithm learns energy requirements of each room. It reaches desired temperature quickly, efficiently and precisely.


Multiple energy sources

In complex heating setups with heat pumps, photovoltaic panels and additional gas or electric boilers, control system measures temperatures in floor heating, energy storage tank and in other locations and it switches energy sources appropriately.

Heating with multiple energy sources


External brightness sensors measure the amount of radiant heat. Blinds adapt to it. Later in the evening blinds change their angle and care for maximum privacy.


Lighting control

Multiple lights are combined into lighting scenes. A single light switch is enough to ensure the atmosphere is just right.


Control your home from anywhere

  • Control system provides a single settings interface for all devices
  • Connecting devices under one system creates new synergies
  • Control system makes sure all devices work optimally
  • It is like an invisible servant
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