December 2017

Irrigation sequencer

Irrigation control is special in that individual zones shall be switched one after another in a sequence. If the irrigation would be running in parallel in all zones, water pressure may drop and not the whole area would be irrigated properly.

Sequencer smart rule does the job.

December 2017

Safety smart rule

In the new Core software release 2017.2 two smart rules have been redesigned to operate as a new category – safety smart rule. These are Limit floor temperature and Blinds protection from strong wind.

If the condition for the safety smart rule is met – i.e. if the floor temperature has been exceeded above a limit or if the wind is faster than a limit – then these smart rules can’t be overridden manually or by some other smart rule. They keep the highest priority and stick to their purpose – to protect your house.

December 2017

Fan speed controlled by thermostat

A single thermostat can be used both to control heating and cooling.

  • Setup separate temperature regulator (hysteresis or PID) for both heating mode and cooling mode
  • If the required temperature (setpoint) differs a lot from the actual temperature, you may want to increase the speed of the fan. Equation smart rule does the job.
  • Fan speed is only activated when also the respective valve has been opened by the temperature regulator (hysteresis or PID)
November 2017

Daily schedule smart rule

We added a new smart rule Daily schedule in the software version 2017.1.

Daily schedule enables you to combine both fixed time criteria and variable time criteria – sunrise / sunset. Daily schedule also includes an “Off action” meaning you will not need to assign another separate smart rule if criteria are not met.

More details in Release notes.

November 2017

Hysteresis vs PID

There are two commonly used temperature regulators. Classic hysteresis where the actual temperature is allowed to fluctuate around the setpoint within certain limits. Or the advanced PID – the so called learning algorithm – which adjusts the heating / cooling performance based on past differences between the actual temperature and the setpoint. PID gradually adjusts its parameters in order to find the best fit for the response time of the heating / cooling system.

  • With hysteresis it is easy to understand what the heating / cooling system is doing – if the setpoint is not reached, the heating / cooling system keeps working. But it results in temperature fluctuations.
  • PID is not transparent – the setpoint may not be reached and still, the heating / cooling device may be off at times. Why is that? Because the PID algorithm has calculated that it shall decrease the performance in order to avoid upcoming temperature fluctuation.

Hysteresis is more popular. PID is being used by experts who like to fine tune its numerous parameters in order to achieve the perfect result.

Which one shall you choose? Well, honestly, it doesn’t matter much. If you keep the hysteresis tolerance low or the pulse width frequency in PID short (see gallery), you end up with similar results. The key point is to use 24VDC thermoelectric valves or solid state relays and control them with this TapHome device with open collector non-relay outputs. In case you do use relay outputs, it may be worthwhile to keep them at default settings so that their lifetime is not shortened.

November 2017

Window motor

In case you are not the lucky guy equipped with energy recovery air ventilation system, a window motor may help.

Priority order for smart rules evaluation is the magic trick by TapHome which makes complex configuration easy.

November 2017

Setpoint configuration

When setting the required temperature for a room – the so called setpoint – you may be dealing with two conflicting requirements. On one hand, it may be worthwhile to have heating or cooling performance aligned to the exterior temperature. On the other hand, you may want to override such automatic setpoint manually – for example during night. How to do it? It is easy to set it up in TapHome.

  • In the main picture on the left – Green – equitherm setpoint
  • Yellow – since equitherm setpoint is time limited for day only, weekly schedule takes over
  • Red – weekly schedule for the Boost event

Temperatures in the pictures are high because the temperature sensor is attached directly to the heating body in order to have the fastest response. In a zero energy building, both exterior temperature and setpoint changes are not preferred.

October 2017

Charts updated

Release 2017.1.6 brings an update to history charts. The full feature set now includes the following charts, views and options:

  • Support for both continuous and discrete chart types
  • Advanced statistics for min / max / average values within fixed or floating time periods
  • Data export into csv for further analysis in Excel or Spreadsheet

Recording of data into charts can be enabled by Service and Admin roles.

October 2017

Expose devices

In large projects with multiple Cores it is required to network them together and have one Core operating as a master.

Expose devices feature makes IO modules or virtual devices of one Core discoverable on backbone Modbus network. When looking at device list of the master Core, it looks like as if all these devices where connected or running directly on the master Core.

October 2017

Air conditioning control

We are now listing a new third party gateway for control of air conditioning split units.

Air conditioning manufacturers usually provide Modbus communication cards for integration into control systems. In some cases though such possibility is missing or is difficult to obtain.

This gateway saves you time searching for manufacturer’s communication card. Also there is time saving when configuring Modbus communication – with the gateway you do it once.

More information here.

October 2017

Industry grade power source

We are now listing a new power source in Hardware on our website.

It features a 7 years warranty and various built-in protections.

We recommend using it in mission critical applications.

Details here.

October 2017

Core software update

Release 2017.1.6 brings the ability to update Linux software in Core. This is particularly useful when a project needs to be upgraded for new features – new Smart Rules, support for new hardware etc.

Internet connection of Core is not required for the update – the new software package is stored directly in the TapHome app and Core downloads it from the app via local network.

Update can only be performed by Service and Admin roles.

September 2017

Webinar – introduction to TapHome

Our distributor Moaath Al-Bukaai from Essensia Tech in Bahrain held a webinar introduction to TapHome for their integration partners.

Have a look!

September 2017

Exhibition in Singapore

We exhibited on Green Building Expo in Singapore.

Our partners work on interesting projects both in Singapore and in neighboring countries. Fingers crossed!

September 2017

Training for partners in Dubai, UAE

We had a two days training session for local integration partners in Dubai.

Hospitality sector is booming in the GCC area.

September 2017

Shared infrastructure in apartment projects

Our partner D7 Bau GmbH has just completed an interesting project with our system in Austria.

Three buildings, 12 apartments. In each building there are 4 apartments but just one control unit Core serving all apartments. Also some modules are shared by multiple apartments – utilization of all inputs and outputs is perfect. As a result, cost per one apartment is significantly reduced when compared to a full standalone installation.

Software feature Permissions separates apartment owners to see and access only devices within their apartment.

Furthermore, facility manager can remotely read out all energy meters, optimize energy consumption and receive notifications.

More details here.

July 2017

Exhibition in Iran

Our Iranian partner Silver Automation presented TapHome on the exhibition ISE 2017 in Tehran.

ISE is the first exhibition in Iran dedicated to smart buildings.

June 2017

Release 2017.1

  • The best Permissions settings in the market! Permissions enable to set various types of access rights to devices and to Smart Rules.
  • Multi-value switch has been introduced.
  • Read-out of impulse counter electric meters has been added.
  • The smart rule Blinds adjustment according to sun has received a significant update.
  • Push buttons behavior has been updated to also include double click and triple click – besides the previously available short press and long press.
  • Replace module feature enables you to exchange modules in an instant.

More details here.

June 2017

Modbus gateways

Gateways are used for integration of devices using various communication protocols. We added into eshop the following recommended Modbus gateways:

  • DALI
  • DMX
  • Mbus
  • PT and thermocouple temperature sensors

More details in category Gateways on hardware page.

June 2017

12 DO Module rev1.5

Relay output module got an update.

  • One single terminal across the whole side of the module. It is very strong.
  • The new terminal has more space for thick 2.5mm cables.

The updated module version is on stock already.

June 2017

Prototype: KNX Gateway

The ultimate visualisation and programming interface for KNX projects.

  • Supports import of ETS5 project files into TapHome app. It will be possible to import existing address structure from ETS, import datapoints, their types, names, their topology, group addresses, zones, etc.
  • 1000 freely assignable ETS data points
  • Variables and advanced logic – sun position, time, day/night etc

Launch is planned for Q1 2018. Price will be the same as for Core.

June 2017

Modbus documentation

Modbus is an open communication protocol. It lets you expand your TapHome project by thousands of compatible devices – IO modules, special sensors etc.

We have created a separate page with details about Modbus configuration. Have a look here.

June 2017

Launching 12 Channel LED Dimmer

  • LED low voltage dimmer outputs with 100W per channel
  • Outputs are configurable also for open collector digital outputs to be used with either separate electromechanical relays or with solid state relays
  • Good value for money for projects with either multiple dimmed lights or RGB/W color dimming

More details on hardware page.


May 2017

Electric meter added to eshop

In order to make your accessories selection easier, we have added an electric meter into eshop.

It connects to TapHome digital inputs with impulse counter configuration.

More details on hardware page.

May 2017

New office!

On the August the 1st we will be moving to a new office. Three times larger!

April 2017

Canadian distributor

Our Canadian distributor designs low voltage panels based on TapHome as per specifications provided by system integrators.

The panels come pre-configured so that the installation time is minimized.

April 2017

TapHome in Sri Lanka

CMJ Engineering headed by Nishantha Jayakody is our first partner in Sri Lanka.

CMJ Engineering is an automation systems provider for all of hospitality, commercial as well as residential projects.

We have been contacted by some Sri Lankan investors / builders already before, the market has an interesting potential.

April 2017

Exhibition in Hungary

Two of our distribution partners presented TapHome on the major building construction show Construma in Budapest, Hungary.

Architechnik is a smart home expert. Intelligens Futofolia sells electric heating foils.

March 2017

New packaging

Our cardboard boxes got a refresh. Outside box is very sturdy, we have added an internal raster of more stability during transport and individual device covers have better profile.

March 2017

Launch in Ukraine

Our Ukrainian partners MaxEco exhibited at a show in Lviv.

Customers were showing very good understanding about our product. Many new installation partners signed up. Seems to be a promising market.

March 2017

TapHome in Lebanon

Nadim Habr is our first partner to take TapHome to Lebanon.

We are looking forward to our cooperation.

March 2017

300 Cores

Unplanned, we had to add another 300 Cores into Q1 manufacturing batch.

Increased demand is a combination of both increased activity from our existing partners as well as from the new partners from our Dubai exhibition last year.

Typically we do two batches of the same size and the third batch is double the amount of the previous one. Repeat once. Double again.

February 2017

New pool widgets

With the introduction of new backend feature called device types, we can now go into any depth at controlling pools.

Thanks for all the help and advice from our partners at Compass Pools.

February 2017

Premium distributor in Hungary

Architechnik, exclusive Hungarian distributor of luxury smart building systems decided to add TapHome into their portfolio.

They are missing some devices in TapHome range and they are pushing us to add them :) But overall, they like the modern look of our system and its ability to be used as high penetration product for real estate development projects, whether commercial or residential.

We are glad to have them as our distributors for Hungary!

February 2017

TapHome in Oman

OCS Infotech headed by Osamah Hasan is our first partner in Oman.

OCS Infotech focuses on hospitality projects. They have a fantastic track record in that field.

February 2017

Dubai again

The exhibition in Dubai in November last year was successful, we are here again. Middle East Electricity is the event this time.

On the picture – obviously we just agreed on terms of cooperation :)

January 2017

Prototype: 2 NTC / DI / DO

The device of choice for daisy chain wiring fans! Stick with classic electric installation and just connect all blinds or light switches with one UTP cable.


  • 2 NTC temperature inputs
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 2 digital relay outputs, 6A each, common potential
  • Power supply 24VDC

Launching in Q1 2017. More info is on hardware page.

January 2017

Training in Budapest

25 new installation partners lined up for a training on TapHome in Budapest, Hungary.

Big thanks to Intelligens Futofolia for organizing the event!

The next time slot for training in Budapest is planned for 16th May. Please reach out to us if you want to participate.

December 2016

OEM customer from The Netherlands

We have been approached by Bart Klopstra from Karbonik – manufacturer of heating devices from The Netherlands.

They were looking for a centralized system, wired, with an optional cloud backend… Signed.

December 2016

Distributor for Central Italy

Elettrosiste has become our distributor for Central Italy.

Elettrosiste has been established 30 years ago. With an annual turnaround of 10M Euro it is one of the leading vendors for electrical systems.

Smart building division is managed by Uriel Perugia, on photograph.

December 2016

TapHome in Iran

Welcoming our first partner in Iran – Silver Automation with Ali Iranpour as Managing Director.

The first projects seem to be coming soon from Ali and his team. Exciting times!

November 2016

CO2 sensor

Launching our new air quality sensor.

  • The smallest ever! It installs into light switch junction box and it only needs a small opening for the air to enter the sensing area. No ugly plastic box on the wall is necessary.
  • The sensor communicates directly on TapHome internal bus. It is possible to connect hundreds of sensors over long cable lengths in commercial buildings.
November 2016

Exhibition in Dubai

Launching sales in the Middle East region on the Big 5 exhibition.

Fantastic response from the market!

October 2016

Multi-zone Controller: Aluminium frame with black coating

We are testing various surface finishes of the aluminium frame of our multi-zone and multi-functional controller.

This one is a good candidate for v1.

Picture of the back side of the device shows how it is mounted – it uses a standard light switch frame. Installation is easy.

October 2016

Universal dimmer added to eshop

  • Input 0-1-10V
  • Load selector for:
    • 230V halogen lamps
    • 12/24V halogen lamps with electronic transformer (Trailing edge)
    • Dimmable compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) (Leading edge)
    • Dimmable LED lamps (Leading edge)
    • 12/24V halogen lamps with toroidal electromagnetic transformer (Leading edge)
    • 12/24V halogen lamps with “E” core electromagnetic transformer (Leading edge)

The device is on hardware page.

October 2016

Encoder blinds controller available now

The only controller in the market which is capable to control up to 15 interior blinds from a single device. It is four times more compact than the closest competitor.

It features integration of encoder DC motors for precise angle control, ability to change speed of the blind movement and motor load protection.

Combined with TapHome control software, the system is capable to synchronize hundreds of blinds across whole facades in large blocks of flats.

Controller is compatible with encoder motors from Somfy and Orshade.

October 2016

Universal input module available now


On this module, every single terminal is capable to handle any kind of input. You can fully utilize every terminal before adding another input module.

One of benefits of this new device is that it is now possible to install temperature sensors in a star topology without using 2 NTC Bus Modules in light switch junction boxes. Instead, temperature sensors are connected directly to data cables.

Specification and pricing on hardware page.

October 2016

PROTOTYPE: Humidity sensor on internal bus

Hydronic ceiling cooling is getting the premier measurement device. Thanks to relative air humidity measurement, TapHome can calculate dew point and control water temperature in cooling circles appropriately.

This way you can get more performance from your cooling system while eliminating risk of dew accumulation.

Humidity sensor now connects to TapHome internal bus. This makes the humidity measurement scalable for huge buildings with hundreds of such sensors. The sensor itself is placed on a 10cm flexible circuit board for easy and precise installation.

New humidity sensor will be available by the end of 2016.

September 2016

Core rev1.4

New Core now includes inputs and outputs necessary for heating or ventilation control in a small project.

September 2016

Heating / cooling switch

We have added a configurable automatic season switch for heating and cooling.

It changes state between four modes:

  • Heating only
  • Cooling only
  • Both heating and cooling (You may want to cool the home but heat the pool)
  • All off for mid-season
August 2016

Air ventilation integration

Modbus integration of Atrea air ventilation with heat recovery has been added.

Atrea Duplex product family provides not just air ventilation but it also actively heats or cools the air. Hence it replaces standalone heating or cooling systems.

Thanks to the ModBus integration, TapHome controls both air ventilation and heating or cooling.

August 2016

Limit condition

You may want to have your motorized window responsive to outside conditions but not at night. The part “but not” – that is limit condition.

Limit condition can be defined as:
– Away mode event
– Formula result
– Time constraint

August 2016

Alarm integration

We have added a RS485 integration of Jablotron alarm using their RS485 Interface component.

The integration saves time during installation when connecting to the alarm system when compared to traditional connection using the alarm’s output modules.

August 2016

New devices

Rain / snow detector and rain volume sensor have been added to eshop.

Rain / snow detector protects awnings or motorized windows.

Rain volume sensor is used for soil humidity estimation for sprinkler control.

August 2016

TapHome in Australia

Our first partner in Australia is RBD Electrical and Instrumentation.

RBD provides a broad range of services in both high and low voltage, industrial and commercial automation, security and much more.

The first project is being processed, we can’t wait to see it go live!

July 2016

Folders on dashboard

Now you can organize devices into folders on dashboard.

Examples are a folder “Heating” with thermostats for all zones or folder “Living room” with all devices in it. Available both for iOS and Android / PC.

Instructions how to set up folders are here.

July 2016

User management update

User management lets you define access rights and permissions for various types of users.

Users can be for example family members, guests in a hotel or tenants in an office building.

Details how to setup various types of roles are here.

July 2016

Cooperation with JK Homes

We just signed a cooperation contract with JK Homes, manufacturer of low energy prefab houses.

Our system will be in charge of maintaining optimum temperature by controlling all of heating, cooling and blinds and so contributing to further energy savings for house owners.

June 2016

Digital output module rev1.4

12 DO Module has been upgraded from 12A to 16A with fixed terminals.

More performance and less space required in switch box.

June 2016

Prefab revolution

Together with SMF Marko, Slovak architects known for their projects of the first energy-passive apartments, we are planning the next big thing in prefab homes.

May 2016

Passive house project in Cold Spring, US

Together with our partner Makrowin, we are working on the specification for passive house control system in Cold Spring, US.

The customer is an architecture studio River Architects.

May 2015

New project in Israel

Our Israeli partner Domon won with our system a new project, blinds automation for 750 apartments.

Project name is K Towers. It is located in Ashdod close to Tel Aviv.

April 2015

Distribution agreement signed

We signed a distribution agreement with BloomEco.

Team at BloomEco are experienced building automation professionals. They will work with new installation partners within Slovakia.

We are glad to have them working with us!

February 2015

Exhibitions in Czechia, Austria and The Netherlands

Launching sales in new markets.

Fantastic reception of our system!

January 2015

Reference projects on the web

Our website has been reworked from the ground up:

  • Reference projects
  • More product details
  • Installation instructions


January 2015


Welcome to Michal Dobrodenka, our new CTO and an old friend from our previous companies.

Up until Michal’s arrival, product manager Martin was overseeing both software and hardware development.

Michal is the third procurist and shareholder.

December 2014

Own protocol, own devices

Launching our proprietary bus communication protocol and a set of input / output modules.

Own protocol and devices enable us to gain massive scale in project size. The ability to operate with other systems provides flexibility.


March 2014

The first trade show

We are exhibiting on a building construction show in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Response from the market is great!

July 2013

The first product version

Assumption: there are many input / output devices in the market and many open protocols for communication between those devices. What is missing though is an intuitive software interface. This is how we built our first product – our control unit connected to third party IO modules.

Over time it turned out that third party devices did not fit our purpose properly, we had no way of controlling how they operate, and customers were not willing to pay for software. A change in the approach was necessary.

September 2012

Founders and Smart Rules

Martin Kalis, product manager. Samo Jurdik, sales.

Those papers on the wall – this is the concept of Smart Rules, configuration elements, the key part of our system. Smart Rules are unique in the building control industry. They enable super fast programming without the need of lengthy trainings. Plus, automation scenarios of any complexity can be built and easily replicated to other projects.


September 2012

Company established

Hello world!

People are detached from technologies in the buildings they live or work in. There shall be an interface between people and technologies which would simplify their interaction. Let’s make such an interface!

With 10+ years of software development experience from Sygic, a 150 million users strong GPS navigation app, we are moving on to smart buildings.

Exciting journey.