1. When pressing light switch, information travels to central control unit Core. Core evaluates what kind of action shall be performed, e.g. which lights to turn on. Core then sends commands to actuators to perform the action. After the action has been performed, Core mirrors it to the cloud if Internet connection is available. However, as the whole procedure is being executed between switch, Core and actuators, system is fully independent from cloud. No Internet is needed.
  2. The same applies when controlling system using a smartphone if it is connected to the same local network as Core, to WiFi. Local network communication is encrypted using SSL – the same standard as used in Internet banking.
  3. When you are not in the building, not in the local network, then cloud can be used as a bridge between the smartphone and Core.

System is not dependent on cloud – cloud just makes remote control easier and safer.

Advantages of cloud backend

  1. No IP address setup is required, it is not necessary to go into router settings
  2. Internet provider or router can be changed with no need to change anything in configuration
  3. Highest possible security, customer’s IP address is not visible from public Internet
  4. Perfect uptime and global reachability. TapHome uses Microsoft Azure, one of the best cloud providers in the world.

TapHome provides cloud backend for free.


  • Communication between the app and cloud uses SSL encryption. It is the same encryption as used by internet banking apps.
  • If the system is being used on local network only, security is managed by the router. If WiFi is set up properly, system is safe.

Alternative connectivity scenarios

  • Setup static IP address in DHCP settings of the router and use Dyn DNS service to connect directly
  • VPN can be used as well
  • Core can be completely disconnected from local network and it would be controlled with light / blind switches or Multi-zone Controller.