TapHome KNX Gateway enables import of ETS project file with programmed data points into the TapHome app. It is hence not necessary to monitor each IO and sniff its communication in order to map it into the app. The gateway also adds variables and advanced logic to KNX projects – sun position, time, day/night and much more. Native integration into ETS makes the gateway truly unique.


  • The gateway is visible directly in ETS
  • It supports import of ETS 5 project files into TapHome app
  • Existing address structure from ETS can be imported as well as data points, their types, names, their topology, group addresses and zones
  • Maximum of 1000 freely assignable ETS data points per one gateway
  • Native integration of the gateway into ETS enables to combine both KNX and TapHome hardware in a single installation
  • Energy consumption 7W
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 75 °C
  • DIN rail, 2 modules
  • ETS 5 product database download here
  • DWG download