Core is the brain of the system. It is a Linux computer. Linux enables lots of features which account for a great scalability of the system – remote updates of both Core and firmware in IO modules, copying of configuration to other modules or projects, cloud backups, easy deployment of new features. Three bus terminals on Core are configurable for TapHome bus, Modbus or RS485 with no need for additional standalone gateways.


  • Linux computer
  • Optional free cloud backend
  • 3 universal bus terminals for:
    • TapHome IO modules. One terminal can handle a maximum of 32 bus modules. Example: 3 bus terminals * 32 bus modules * e.g. 24 inputs = 2304 inputs; 3 * 32 * 12 = 1152 outputs.
    • RS485 third party devices, e.g. an alarm system
    • ModBus RTU / TCP for third party devices, e.g. air ventilation system
  • 2 NTC temperature sensors inputs
  • 4 digital inputs for switch input, reed contact input or impulse counter input with frequency 100Hz per channel, sample rate 200Hz per channel, pulse on time > 5 milliseconds
  • 4 open collector outputs to be used with thermoelectric valves or separate relays, max 0.6A at 30VDC for each output. For example, each output can switch four 24VDC 3W thermoelectric valves.
  • LAN port
  • Energy consumption 7W
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 55 °C
  • DIN rail, 4 modules. Width 72 mm, height 59 mm.
  • Manufacturing process is certified under TÜV SÜD ISO 9001:2000.
  • Wiring schemes with accessories examples are here
  • DWG library is here