An unique module tailored for LED strips dimming. 12 channels are enough to support multiple RGBW strips from a single module. It is possible to connect LED strips of various voltages to one module. The module allows control of long LED strips due to its heavy duty total load performance.


  • 12 LED / OC outputs configurable for:
    • Low voltage LED lights dimming. Works with constant voltage LED lights, typically LED strips. PWM output frequency is 20kHz.
    • Open collector digital outputs
  • Output properties:
    • Maximum current 4A DC per channel
    • Maximum total load 25A DC
    • Maximum voltage 30VDC per channel
  • The module has two potentials – one potential is for the top 7 outputs, another potential for the bottom 5 outputs. This makes it possible to connect both 12V and 24V LED strips to one module.
  • At the maximum 4A per channel, recommended cable lengths between the light and the module are:
    • 30 meters for 1.5mm2 cable
    • 45 meters for 2.5mm2 cable
  • Protection IP20, operating temperature: 0°C to +55 °C
  • Power consumption 3W
  • Power supply 24VDC +-10%
  • DIN rail, 6 modules. Width 107mm, height 59mm.
  • Manufacturing process is certified under TÜV SÜD ISO 9001:2000.
  • Wiring schemes with accessories examples are here
  • DWG library is here

Load calculation example for 24V LED strip with 12W/meter
– 12W/24V=0.5A for every meter of the LED strip. Maximum load per output is 4A, that is 4A/0.5A/m=8 meters is the maximum LED strip length to be controlled by one output. If the strip is longer, you may split it up and control it with two or more outputs. If the LED strip is either RGB or RGBW, then its W/m shall be divided either by 3 or by 4 respectively.
– Furthermore, total load for the whole module is 25A. For a 24V LED strip it is 25A*24V=600W. 600W/12W/m=50 meters is the total maximum length of all strips connected to the module.