Control unit with interfaces for internal bus, RS485 and ModBus.

Power Source 24V 60W

Power source for all system components.

12 DO Module

Relay module which switches heating valves, AC blinds motors, lights or sockets.

24 UI Module

It gathers inputs from light and blind switches, temperature and motion sensors.

12 LED / OC Module

Dimming of low voltage LED lights or switching of relays.

4 AO Module

It controls air ventilation intensity and light dimming.

8 Dim Module

Dimmer for 220 – 240 VAC LED lights.

14 BLe Module

It controls interior DC blinds or DC window motors.

2 NTC Bus Module

It reads data from temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors.

6 UI / 6 OC Bus Module

It reads data from temperature sensors, switches and motion sensors.

2 NTC / DI / DO Bus Module

Controls blinds and lights on a daisy-chain electric installation.

Multi-zone Controller

Controls all of heating, cooling, blinds, lights and fan coils in multiple zones.

Wind-Brightness-Temperature Sensor

It protects blinds from strong wind and it measures sunshine radiation.

Air Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Used in hydronic cooling control for dew point calculation or for air conditioning.

CO2 Sensor

Used in air ventilation control for air quality measurement.

High Temperature Sensor

It measures chimney temperature in order to detect if the fire is on.…

Rain or snow sensor

Used for protection of awnings or motorized windows.

Smoke sensor

Optical smoke sensor.

Motion sensor

Used in security applications. Wall mounted.

Motion sensor

Used in security applications. Ceiling mounted.

Presence detector

Used in security as well as lighting control applications.

LED downlight pendant

Dimmable LED light with changing light color temperature.

LED downlight recessed

Dimmable LED light with changing light color temperature.

DALI Gateway

Communication interface for lights with DALI ballasts.
Coming soon

KNX Gateway

Visualisation and programming interface for KNX.

DMX Gateway

Communication interface for DMX controlled lights.

Universal Dimmer

Dimmer for various types of 230VAC lights controlled by 0-10V from 4 AO Module.


Used with open collector outputs on Core or on 12 LED/OC Module.

LG AC Controller

Enables control of up to 16 LG split units.