• Expressions
  • System architecture by project type
  • Users and Permissions
  • Software release notes

    • Amazon Alexa integration
    • HTTP devices integration - e.g. Shelly, Sonos, Keba car charger, audio receivers, etc.
    • Thermostat displays set point and actual temperature in one chart
    • Charts can be added into a dashboard. Multiple charts can be simultaneously scrolled on the same timeline.
    • Device details display which smart rule is currently active and what are the values of smart rules
    • Actions in smart rules can trigger notifications. It is possible to set which account should receive the notification.
    • RGB devices support “set range” feature for brightness level
    • Settings - All users and My location displays currently logged in users
    • List of locations shows if the project is online or offline and displays last 4 digits of the access token
    • Devices created from ModBus or HTTP API template can have zone/category set
    • Device in dashboard view displays zone
    • PWM output displays state of a relay in dashboard/detail view
    • Possibility to set language in My location menu
    • 8 DIM module displays additional information - frequency, pulse length, error count, last error, voltage
    • New device types: thermoelectric valve, mix valve, circulation pump, temperature sensors, presence detector

    • Smart Rules:
      Possibility to use computed statistical values in Smart Rules e.g. average wind speed (Using statistic values in Smart Rules)
      Ability to duplicate actions
      Ability to duplicate Smart Rules
      Faster evaluation
      New user interface


    • Dashboards stored inside control unit
    • Improved device lists and widgets
      Easier operation thanks to added control buttons
      Functional groups of devices - Virtual devices, System devices, Modules, Variables
      Possibility to instantly see current value, manual mode or error state of a device

    • Support for pulse width modulation for all digital outputs
      Possibility to configure any digital output as analog output
      Set pulse width from 1Hz up to 25kHz (depends on hardware)
      Available from firmware 26



    Firmware Changelog




    • Corrected error handling in Ble14. Corrected incorrect DO index handling in KNX Gateway.
    • Added blinds flag for choosing between 20% and 100% when calibrate to border.


    • Corrected I2C communication and CO2 averaging in STM32L modules. Added support for NTC calibration - STM32L modules.


    • Fixed generation of serial numbers of 6UI 6UO rev 1.0, 2UI rev 1.0, 12DO rev 2.0, 12LED/OC rev 2.0 and 14BLe rev 2.3 modules.


    • Fixed scan of 6UI 6UO rev 1.0, 2UI rev 1.0, 12DO rev 2.0 modules - problem with generator of random numbers.


    • Fixed initialization of power limited output.


    • Flush mount modules - fixed handling of erased EEPROM
    • Blinds - improved handling of actions that set similar position and angle


    • Added support for synchronized transactions (actions from 1 Smart Rule are performed at exactly the same time on all affected devices).


    • Safe values when module is not communicating with [%key_id:20616701%]


    • Modules with EXT sensors are not being restarted during scan request
    • UI24 changed analog comparator value for digital input (0-7V / 8-24V)


    • Significantly lowered power consumption for modules 2NTC4DI, 2NTC2DI2DO,Core14
    • Optimised power consumption for all modules on XMEGA architecture
    • Corrected blind angle change when 100% reached and different time defined for up/down movement


    • Fix of displayed CPU temperature


    • No unnecessary motion of blinds when desired position is reached
    • Fixed EEPROM update - works differently as read/write
    • Improved CO2 value filtering


    • Fixed speed of wind sensor (approx. 2x increase in wind speed!!!), improved reporting of windspeed


    • Wind and Brightness sensor memory fix


    • Reverse direction setting for encoder blinds
    • Faster scan of new TapHome Bus modules
    • Multi-zone controller showing "configuration in progress"

    News in 2020.1

    Improved charts visualisation

    Thermostat displays set point and actual temperature in one chart.

    Charts can be added into a dashboard. Multiple charts can be scrolled on the same timeline simultaneously.

    HTTP communication parsing interface between devices

    For example Shelly, Sonos, Keba car charger, TV, audio receivers.
    More info: