Presentations and testing kit

Online presentation / webinar

The best start into TapHome is to watch an online presentation of the system:

Webinar for the latest major software release is here:

If you have questions which were not covered by the webinars, please reach out to us at and plan a presentation with our Sales team members.

Testing kit

The next optional step is to order devices for testing. They are available with a 50% discount for a maximum of one unit per each module type. Statistically, 60% of new partners start with testing first. 40% go straight into a real project. Discount is only available for potential new installation or distribution partners as a means of training. New partners need to have certification for electric installation and a company number available. The discount is not available for end users of the system.

Once you receive the testing kit, the training procedure is as follows:

  • Please turn the devices on. Try following the initial instructions as described here.
  • If you get stuck with some configuration, don’t spend much time with it. Just write down your questions.
  • Schedule an online training session. We will connect to your Core and help you with the configuration in real time. The session usually lasts around one hour. Please add user to Menu → Settings → All Users → Add New User and check all Roles. Also let us know the Location name you created when setting up Core.

You may want to repeat the training session a while later if you have more questions.

In case you decide not to use the system, you can return the devices and we will send you money back.

Trainings are individual and they are FREE!

Help with price calculation / bill of quantity

If you have a project where you can propose TapHome, we are here to help with the hardware calculation. We will need the following information:

  • Number of heating zones
  • Number of cooling zones
  • Number of blinds motors
  • Number of air ventilation units
  • Number of dimmed lights
  • Number of switched lights
  • Additional outputs
  • Additional inputs

Assistance during your first installation

In case you want help during your first system installation, please take a router with mobile internet with you on the project. Our Tech Support team will be able to connect remotely to your control unit using our cloud backend and they may help you with configuration if needed.