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  • Daikin Air Conditioning

    Residential split units

    • Communication via TCP/IP in local network (no internet connection needed).
    • Multiple split units can be fully operated from TapHome with zero or minimum additional costs.

    Compatible with split units supporting Daikin Online Controller. Search for this logo:


    RTD-NET Modbus gateway needs to be used for indoor units. Retail price is 278 Euro.

    Here is documentation.

    EKMBDXA Modbus gateway for outdoor unit supports up to 64 indoor units. Integrated control system for seamless connection between Split, Sky Air, VRV, chilers, AHU and BMS systems. Communication via Modbus RS485 protocol.

    Defining Daikin interface in TapHome

    Open Settings → Hardware → TapHome Bus → Terminals and disable one BUS terminal so that you can use it for communication with Daikin.

    In Settings → Hardware → Add new interface → Daikin AC

    Add split units with proper address.