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    In projects where multiple Cores need to be integrated into one master Core it is possible to use Integration interfaces.

    The first step is to expose devices through physical interface (RS485, TCP or UDP). Please refer to this page.

    After you have exposed devices to all your Cores and each Core has it's own unique Interface ID you can start to integrate it to the master Core. Go to Settings → Hardware and choose Add new interface:


    Choose one of the integration protocol interfaces - according to previously used expose devices interface. Then set parameters for selected interface.

    When using serial interface choose terminal and communication parameters of serial line:


    When using TCP interface set IP address and port of the slave interface:


    When using UDP interface set the UDP address and port of slave interface. UDP address can be in format of broadcast address. Broadcast address has 255 in the address part which should be broadcasted. In following example all addresses in subnet 192.168.100 are addressed:


    Please note that after filling in the parameters it is necessary to save them before next actions.

    In configured parameters click on Find new devices. Slave Core where exposed devices are configured need to be ready at this moment.


    After finishing the search all devices found are displayed with it's original names:


    Return back to the main interface screen and you will see all your devices. Please note that device serial number ends with slave interface ID and slave device ID.