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  • Dashboards, Zones, Categories

    Dashboards let you organize your favorite items like a heating / cooling zone, particular blind, lighting scene etc. It is possible to create multiple dashboards. This is useful for big projects, e.g. each facade on an office tower may have its own dashboard. Dashboards are saved in Core. After reinstall of the app, dashboards load from Core.

    Zones are rooms, offices, halls. Categories are functional areas like heating, cooling, shading etc.


    Customising dashboards, zones and categories

    Open specific page that you want to edit, and tap Edit button at the right-top corner. In Editing mode, it is possible to customise content by adding / removing sections, changing their order, content and type.

    Customize icon

    Customize header by changing

    Background image

    Rename the dashboard / zone / category

    Customize accent color

    Types of Sections



    Large widget

    Small widget



    Large widget

    Default content

    By default, following sections are automatically generated:  

    • Dashboard: single section with small widgets
    • Zone: sections grouped by categories. Sections of favourite categories consist of small widgets, while sections of other categories consist of list view
    • Category: sections grouped by zones. Section of favourite zones consist of small widgets, while sections of other zones consist of list view  

    It is possible to edit each dashboard, zone, category, change order of sections, hide devices from sections or delete sections.