Simplify control of your home!

Photovoltaic panels

System switches between photovoltaic panels and electricity from network depending on real-time needs.

Doors and Gates

Control gates using a smartphone. This will make sense to you when you forget your keys :)

Retention water tank

Special sensors measure water level in retention tank. If there is enough water in the tank, sprinkler uses water from the tank.


Heat up sauna remotely before you get home. No dinner will sneak in between your arrival home and arrival to sauna.

Cost comparison

Electric infrastructure for a typical 150m2 houseTapHomeClassic
Powerline cables and data cables 1800 €1100 €
Switches Switches from any manufacturer can be used. There is a saving on combined switches used for classic electric installation.1200 €1500 €
Electric box components Box, circuit breakers etc1200 €1000 €
Manual work Laying cables, components installation, configuration3500 €1500 €
Thermostats Traditional thermostats for zoned heating / cooling control. Assumed 8 zones and 70 € price for an average traditional thermostat.0 €560 €
Blinds Traditional remote controls for blinds. Assumed 8 blinds with 150 € cost for one blind. Somfy J4 RTS motor, Inis Uno VB switches and Somfy remote controllers.0 €1200 €
Air ventilation Extra fee for a better wall controller for air ventilation system.0 €100 €
Sprinklers Cost for typical sprinklers controllers0 €400 €
Alarm Replacement of a standalone alarm0800
TapHome hardware TapHome modules for zoned control for 8 heating zones, 8 blinds, air ventilation system and 4 sprinklers2000 €0 €
Smart home system is more expensive than classic installation. But since the cost difference is small, there is a good return on investment in smart home.9700 €8160 €